PT Africa Coatings:

PT Africa Coatings was founded by KL Smith in 2002 and has developed reliable coatings for the harsh South African conditions. We are proud not to have watered down our products but only improve on it through technology and experience gained. Quality paint should be available and well priced to serve the market. We respect all our customers and strive to meet their expectations. Further SABS testing would be done on most of our products to meet market demand.

Our Competitive Edge:

PT Africa Coatings have never and will never reduce the amount of binder in its products and replace it with water and thickener. We have referrals over the last 12 years, confirming our roof coatings are still in perfect condition and rust free. Our pricing is based on mark-ups, thus the more buying power we have, the cheaper the price to Wholesalers, Contractors and Retail. PT Africa Coatings manufacture paint that has Superior hiding power and Spread rate. We manufacture Metal Primers that have UV Protection and do not need a top coat. PT Africa Coatings are Environmentally friendly 0 – 72 g/l VOC.  

Guaranteed the most economical paint to use in the market, with an honourable factory guarantee and Long shelf life (3 years)


PT Africa Projects:

We have a dedicated team of maintainance staff and building contractiors that are available for any of your building and maintenance requirements. Contact us for advice or an obligation-free quote. Our commitment to excellence is evedent in Testimonials received from our loyal clients. 

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